We are odds fish!

We are odds fish! – a rock band from Lansing, MI who specializes in original, pure, rock and roll, progressive power pop/rock, and indie rock with a kick!12074705_1638478256435449_8326816253736484883_n

Members of our musical gang include main composer/guitarist Will McCullough, main lyricist/lead singer/aux. percussionist Meagan Earls, bassist/back up vocalist Nick Kressler, and drummer Michael Romblom.

Formed late in the summer of 2015, odds fish! played our first gig (a house party) on October 3, 2015 and received positive feedback and rave reviews from all of the guests who attended. It felt great!

We have several songs already and plan on releasing our debut album sometime in 2016. (But we look forward to rockin’ lots of socks in person before then too!)

So… don’t you think it’s about time to get hooked on odds fish!?

12046570_1631332160483392_4299478237053258586_n (1)


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