2016 is Going Well for odds fish!


Well, odds fish! has certainly started off 2016 on the right foot! From people spotting12565561_1668580720091869_8636444968298298283_n us as musicians in stores just from our looks, to touring musicians telling us we’re tight as a group and asking us how long we’ve toured together after hearing us play (we haven’t even toured yet), to networking with amazing musicians, venues, fans, etc. to getting investors, band merchandise (like t-shirts!), band business cards, and important media connections, to being on the radio, to playing our first big show, and so much more… it’s been a great and productive ride so far this year.

And it’s only February!  12208647_10102905779212185_5287900225586805954_n8171_1672999209650020_1491320980240136356_n

That seems to be a good indication of what 2016 will bring to the rock and rollers of odds fish! But before we get too ahead of ourselves on the subject of what’s to come for this exciting Lansing based band, let’s look a little bit more deeply at just what has happened for odds fish! already so far this year.

January of 2016 started off strong with shows on the calendar to prepare for, solid practices, and the release of a new demo song: “Our Time”

By mid January, we had two new cover songs learned, our original tunes were getting tighter and tighter by the day, and merchandise like t-shirts and matchboxes began arriving. Finally, by the end of January, we had business cards on hand, we were ordering some new gear to use on stage, we did a radio interview and live acoustic set on LCC Radio 89.7, and we played our first public show! Wow!


Speaking of that, our first public show (as in, not a house party or live radio performance) was at The Avenue Cafe in Lansing, Michigan on January 29th, 2016. We played an energetic set to start off a full night of music, with Michigan acts Girls Who Care and Lights and Caves, and out of state act Ford Theatre Reunion; it was an eclectic mix of musical groups that made for an interesting, entertaining, and fun evening out. The Avenue itself is such a fun place to be in general, so playing there12669614_1674221486194459_8935145762549322753_n was truly an honor and of course, a rockin’ good time! We had a blast and very much look forward to playing at The Avenue Cafe again in the future. Hopefully, the NEAR future!

And speaking of the future, odds fish! has more great stuff on the way! We are currently working on booking shows, writing new music, raising money to record the album, brainstorming with other bands about charity concerts, and practicing for our next gig (which as of right now, looks to be a private party.)

12189740_10102905779147315_4466315191776123433_nRemember, you can keep up to date with us and what we’re up to on Facebook and Twitter at: oddsfishmusic

Subscribe to blog updates, look us up on Indie on the Move, and/or contact us at oddsfishmusic@outlook.com for events, booking, and more.

And don’t forget to get hooked…

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