Adventures in Recording with odds fish!


Yes, my friends, odds fish! has been in the studio working hard to bring you all some quality recordings of a few of our songs.

We have been meeting with our Producer/Engineer Tony for two and a half weeks (between jobs, concerts, family events, car troubles, and everything else life throws our way) and now, after pouring ourselves into this process for those two and a half weeks, we are finally at the end of the recording phase and are leaving our tracks in Tony’s masterful hands for mixing.



He is going to get a good mix for us and then send our little tunes for some professional mastering. Hopefully, very soon, we will have them back for all of you to hear!

The four songs we will have for you after this round in the studio are:

“The Shaving” (pop/rock pumper)

“Our Time” (power pop/rock anthem)

“Nobody Wins” (melodic indie rock ballad)


“Cactus Men” (hard rock/progressive rock epic)


We are very excited to be able to put out a little CD for our fans, to have been able to work with local talent, and to be able to create music and do all of this at all! We just can not wait to share what we have been working on with you though, so let’s hope that the mixing and mastering doesn’t take too long!

While we are waiting though, you can still hear our rough demos of “The Shaving” and “Our Time” on Reverbnation, Indie on the Move, and SoundCloud (where you can also find our acoustic/stripped down versions of a few songs from our LCC Radio performance.)


Thank you all for your support so far! We will let you know when these songs are ready to go! Until then…

get hooked.

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