Great Shows for odds fish! with More Great Shows to Come!

13151703_10103219860236295_2678593585907816790_n odds fish! is coming off of a good run of fun shows, but there’s not much time to relax… more shows are approaching quickly!


May 28 – The Debonair Social Club – Chicago, IL – w/ Pidgin & Erzulie

June 2 – The Avenue Cafe – Lansing, MI  – w/ The Listening Party/Nick Krzywonos/Matt Rinker (This is also Meagan’s Birthday!)

June 24 – White’s Bar – Saginaw, MI – w/ The Knock Offs (TKO) which includes Nick & Will

And we may potentially have other shows to slide in there too! But before we talk too much about these upcoming shows, let’s take a look at these great shows we have had recently.


May 8, 2016 – The Robin Theatre – Lansing, MI – w/ Malcolm Tent & Jay Leitz

odds fish! had the honor of our first show at The Robin Theatre – a WONDERFUL, intimate creative & fine arts venue in REO Town/Lansing, MI – on May 8th, 2016. It came about for us sort of last minute… a musician friend of ours got us in contact with the performance artist/punk dude/anarchist rock sensation that is Malcolm Tent when he nee13227002_1714239928859281_4394780910610584893_nded a slot filled. We of course took it, & we are so glad we did. We got to hear the honest, reflective tunes, the driving guitar, & the fantastic vocals of local singer/songwriter Jay Leitz; we got to experience Malcolm Tent, as a musician, as a storyteller, as an artist, & as a true original, & it was amazing, entertaining, thought-provoking, amusing, & absolutely cool; & we got to rock the stage for a small, but enthusiastic crowd, who really dug what we had going on. It was so much fun!

13048039_829924413805663_6311776517594491570_oMay 15, 2016 – The Avenue Cafe – w/ Lillie Lemon, Charlie Darling, & Krissy Booth

This was a show that odds fish! had been looking forward to for a long time, & it truly did not disappoint. From each of the acts being something truly unique & wonderful to watch & listen to (& BE!) to everyone being so amazing & nice & cool, it was just an enjoyable night of entertainment for all!

odds fish! kicked off the night of female fronted music with an energetic set, where we showcased Will’s guitar prowess with the debut of the new solo at the end of “Cactus Men,” Meagan’s soaring vocal belts with the debut of “Below the Ground,” & the connection we all share as a unit with (another debut!) “Above the Skies” & “Below the Ground” seamlessly played back to back. It really felt fantastic.




-odds fish!


After odds fish! got things going, Charlie Darling followed with a great set of songs – with most people having no idea that Charlie Darling creator & performer, Samantha had, only the night before, suffered from a theft in her home whilst it was being offered up as a performance space!

13256336_10103233065123595_754118406213932128_nShe was just so professional & so well put together, especially considering, & she played so well, that no one could have suspected a thing.

Her commitment to music, performance, the arts, community, & personal integrity are truly inspiring, & we are proud to have played on a bill with her.

After Charlie Darling, came the headliner of the evening… a band that our lead singer Meagan had been longing to hear live for so long… the amazing Lillie Lemon!



And WOW! What a great show Lillie Lemon put on! Erica Wobbles & Lillie Lemon OWNED the space! With their cool grooves, chill tunes, big drops, emotionally moving electronic beats, neat vocal effects, & amazing light work (which they provided for all of the other acts as well), Lillie Lemon DEFINITELY showed The Avenue Cafe a great time! Even their COVER song was truly unique & entertaining!13177389_10103233065238365_4510364883634128307_n

Our lead singer Meagan was on the dance floor dancing, soaking in the music, &/or taking pictures throughout their entire set, as well as singing along with a few songs… (She may have a little band crush…) But we ALL really enjoyed Lillie Lemon – both the band on stage & the people off stage as well – & we are honored to have gotten the chance to play with them. (We hope to do it again someday! In the meantime, Meagan will continue to listen to Lillie Lemon while researching, booking, tweeting, blogging…)


After Lillie Lemon wowed us all, we were greeted by another “WOW” moment, when Krissy Booth took the stage in a handmade, & very chic, light-up dress! Yes, friends, her dress had lights in it! It was awesome!13221447_10103233066216405_8691881295700606926_n

Oh yeah, she also performed!

And her pe13227092_10103233066076685_5992356758346395499_nrformance was pure, stunning, real, raw, creative, & honest. The crowd was drawn to her, & though she was a soloist closing out a night of big, bold, female fronted music, she did not shrink away, but instead kept the joy & the spirit of the night alive & well. She was a charming delight, & her smile was the perfect final statement for the empowering evening to close on.

We truly feel so honored that we were able to be a part of such an incredible & empowering show with so many great musicians. Once again, The Avenue Cafe made odds fish! feel right at home too. odds fish! LOVES The Avenue Cafe!


-odds fish!

Now… let’s talk a little more about these shows coming up…


May 28, 2016

odds fish! is heading to Chicago to play at the Debonair Social Club on May 28, 2016 with Pidgin & Erzulie. If you plan on attending, please tell the people at the door that you are there to see odds fish! so they know who to credit.

For more information:

We are very excited to be venturing out of Michigan for the first time as odds fish!; & what better city than Chicago for our regional debut, right? We are getting geared up for it more & more daily & we are ready to rock!!!



June 2, 2016

We get to close out a night of fun music on our lead singer Meagan’s Birthday! It is sure to be a good time…

For more information:

We are seriously super stoked to get to rock out at one of our favorite venues while celebrating Meagan’s birth. That’s awesome!


June 24, 2016

The plan is for odds fish! & The Knock Offs (TKO) to share music duties at White’s Bar in Saginaw, MI.


We are very excited to be getting the chance to rock in Saginaw! Stay tuned for more information on this awesome show!

And thank you all for the support & love you have shown for odds fish! We hope to see you at a few of these shows coming up! It’s going to be fun!!!

Not in Michigan? Well, just email us at & let us know what the best venues near you are, so we can try to book shows with them!

And until then…

12046570_1631332160483392_4299478237053258586_n (1)


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