Our Regional Debut and a Birthday Show too!


odds fish! got to rock Chicago on Memorial Day



& we also got to rock Lansing

on Meagan’s Birthday…


so basically, we have been having FUN!!!


odds fish! is having a GREAT time & a GREAT year! We’ve been performing together for only 9 months, & already, we have played some amazing shows!13248577_4999793909847_3211636315300909729_o

The Robin Theatre with Malcolm Tent!

Our female empowerment show with Lillie Lemon, Charlie Darling, & Krissy Booth!

And many more!

odds fish! as captured by Christopher Hillary of Pidgin

Speaking of amazing shows, we got a chance to play at an amazing venue in Chicago, on an amazing, bustling, exciting weekend of music, art, & of course, remembrance. Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago was so incredible for us. It was our regional debut, it was a great opportunity, & it was a fun road trip!!!


Our bassist Nick commented to the rest of us while on the trip, that it felt like a vacation, & so it was just cool that we also got to play a show on our vacation! We all kind of felt that same way – we got to get away to Chicago10448830_780095878675365_1187411119072863653_n, a city we all love, we got to sample food from a local business (The High Noon Saloon), we got to walk throughout the city & see the beautiful sights & people, & we got to rock out at the Debonair Social Club with Pidgin & Erzulie; which means we also got to drink, & dance, & enjoy the music of others as well. So it was truly a fantastic time that we are all very grateful for.

The drive there & back was even enjoyable, as we spent some time bonding as a band, talking of deep, interesting, & amusing things (like cats, horror movies, & perhaps a few


inappropriate jokes…), & listening to great music (like classic rock & Lillie Lemon). We left early, took our time, & truly treated it like time away from the cares of the real world! We stopped along the way any time we wanted, we explored any & all of the sights of nature & of the cities & roadways as we wanted, sang to

Nick & Will were feeling good on the way to Chicago!

the radio as we wanted, enjoyed the treats & goodies we wanted, & when we got there, we played a ROCKIN’ show – just like we wanted!!!

So we, of course, really loved the experience, & are very grateful to have gotten the chance to rock out at such a cool venue in such a cool city, & with such cool bands. We especially bonded with the members of Pidgin, as we spent a lot of quality time with them throughout the night. We hope to do another show with them in the future because:

Good musicians + good people = a good group to work with; & that is Pidgin.

(Erzulie seemed really cool too – we just didn’t get much of a chance to find out. But they sure did ROCK!)


You know what else rocks? Getting to play a show on y13335532_10103265923674795_2391650460168343183_nour Birthday! Just ask odds fish! lead singer Meagan, who got to celebrate her Birthday in style while rockin’ out at one of our favorite venues: The Avenue Cafe, in Lansing, MI.

She will tell you that she had a BLAST!

She was dancing to the music of Mad Moon, Matt Rinker, Nick Krzywonos, & the FANTASTIC touring band, Listening Party, all night, she told us that she felt incredible performing, we were in one of her favorite places to be, & people were (obviously) buying her drinks all night! Friends, strangers, old fans, new fans, bartenders, band mates… it didn’t matter; the drinks were a-flowin’! So it was a good time…

Listening Party

But not only was it a really fun time, & a celebration of Meagan’s birth, but it was also a very legitimate show for odds fish! We made money, we sold merch, but most importantly, we felt great playing & truly connecting with our audience, & that’s what it’s all about.


If you want to connect with us at a show soon, we have a few opportunities coming up!

Upcoming Shows:

White’s Bar in Saginaw, MI

June 24th, we are at White’s Bar in Saginaw, MI with the groove-tastic & entertaining Lansing based cover band, The Knock Offs (TKO), which is fronted by odds fish! bassist Nick Kressler (who also plays guitar in TKO) & features odds fish! guitarist & lead composer Will McCullough on guitar as well. (Other awesome TKO members include Brent Shaughnessy on bass & Tony Rodebaugh on drums & vocals. They rock!)


Then on July 9th, we are back in Lansing, MI at The Loft for the Summer Breakout Event, hosted by GTS! We are very honored to be included in this event, which shines a spotlight on local music talent!


We even have advanced tickets available, but only a limited number, so if you are in the Lansing area (or will be on July 9th) &  you are a friend/fan of the band, hit us up for some tix!


Of course, stay tuned to the blog as well for more events & happenings in the crazy world of odds fish!… you can subscribe by email somewhere or other on this page, so… if you feel the desire, feel free to feed that fire! (& subscribe to the blog… if that wasn’t clear…)

& by all means…

12046570_1631332160483392_4299478237053258586_n (1)

We appreciate you all. ROCK ON!!!


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