odds fish! and The Knock Offs Prove to be a GREAT Team!

13439013_10103311397385115_3463978505777308797_nodds fish! & TKO : A ROCKIN’ Team!!!

odds fish! & The Knock Offs (TKO) had a great time rockin’ out at White’s Bar i13537666_10103311397914055_7814126398730067678_nn Saginaw, Michigan on Friday June 24, 2016. It was our first time there, & already, both bands can’t wait to go back! The staff is awesome, the crowd was friendly & responsive, & Meagan really enjoyed their vodka/cranberry…

For a smaller venue, White’s Bar sure packs a big punch too when it comes to enjoying oneself! Maybe it is because they love live music, maybe it’s because they have a no-nonsense, badass, charismatic, lady bartender (at least they did when we were there), maybe it’s because they have proven themselves as a local staple of the Saginaw nightlife & music scene… of course, maybe it is all of this & more! But whatever the reasons, this little music bar is the little music bar that COULD ROCK! And it DID!


When we arrived, they had a matinee music show that was finishing up, so we got to enjoy some local acoustic sounds before workin’ it on the stage ourselves. That was great! Then we had a fantastic time just hanging out & chatting with patrons before we played as well.

Yes, friends, I hope you caught that – they have live music multiple times a day & incredibly friendly bar patrons – both good signs that it’s going to be a fun night!

And it was!


The Knock Offs (TKO) kicked things off right with an energetic set to warm up the crowd & get the night pumpin’! It was hot! After that, we had a little pause (mostly to give Nick & Will a little break as they were pulling double duty all night between the two bands) & then odds fish! took the stage! We played mostly originals, & a couple of covers (the most popular being a spicy version of “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol), & really rocked the night! It was wonderful to see people groovin’ to our original tunes who had never even heard of us before that night too! After that, we took another little break & soaked in s13537705_10103311397469945_919905578750503215_no much praise & appreciation, it was incredible! White’s Bar has very kind & encouraging patrons. Finally, after our egos were stroked for a bit, TKO took the stage again to close out the night with some of the hottest covers around.

odds fish! lead singer, Meagan, joined in for a couple as well: “Message in a Bottle,” by The Police & Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”

It was great! In fact, the crowd thought so too, because they even requested an encore after TKO ended their set (with a killer rendition of the Foo Fighters’ “Everlong.”)

“ENCORE! ENCORE!” they yelled (which The Knock Offs kindly gave them in the form of Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer.”)

whites427649_3359314028580_1989417781_n_300x300It was seriously such fun & we would love to go back. White’s Bar is a fun, music loving venue full of cool staff members & kind patrons, but with enough edge to be truly ROCK N’ ROLL!

We love you White’s Bar!!!

Thank you for letting us rock your establishment. Please let us do it again.

In the meantime (while we pine for another performance opportunity at our new favorite place in Saginaw) we DO have a few other shows coming up…






And more to come…

stay tuned & as always…

12046570_1631332160483392_4299478237053258586_n (1)


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