Odds Fish Had One Rockin’ Weekend – Now it’s Time to Get Ready for Rookie of the Year!

Photo Credit: Leo Poroshin

odds fish! Rocked The Loft on July 9th & then Rocked The Avenue on July 10th!

Photo Credit: Leo Poroshin

And we had an AMAZING time! Now, we are prepping ourselves for an incredible opportunity – we get to play with Rookie of the Year at Mac’s Bar in Lansing on July 26th!

But before we talk too much about that show, let’s take a look at last weekend’s rockin’ festivities, shall we?

Photo Credit: Leo Poroshin

July 9 – The Loft – Lansing, MI – The Summer Breakout Event – Hosted by Grow the Scene (GTS)

Photo Credit: Leo Poroshin

What an absolutely fun event this was! odds fish! got to be a part of a night FULL of Mid-Michigan talent, including The Trash Cats, Smart Alecs, Handsome Pete, & many more! It was our first time at The Loft as odds fish!, & we could not have asked for a better first show. We truly felt connected with the music & our audience, & it sure seems like the feeling was mutual, as many people came up

Photo Credit: Leo Poroshin

closer for a listen, some fans were singing along with “Our Time,” Meagan got high-fived, people were dancing & moshing to the sick beats Mike was throwing down, someone shouted praise to Nick (“Yeah, bass!”) & an enthusiastic fan even climbed on the stage to feel the magic of Will’s guitar solos up close.

So… overall… we pretty much felt like rockstars! We also got great feedback from GTS, so that felt wonderful! (We DO like to impress, but we are always humbled, grateful, & amazed when we do!) We also got a lot of praise from other bands, other bands’ fans, our fans (who are seeing progress in our shows, which is fantastic – we always want to grow), & staff members at The Loft too!

And of course, Meagan did some dancing. And LOTS of expressive face making… & some “EVITA”-type arm movements…

“Don’t cry for odds fish! Argentina… the truth is we love our singer!”

So it was fun. A rockin’ good time!

And then, we did it all again the next night!

July 10 – The Avenue Cafe – Lansing, MI – War Radio / odds fish! / Sierra Denae / squid / Cult of Reason

Well, we didn’t do things exactly the same. We had different outfits, a different set list, a bit more alcohol in us… but we still had a rockin’ good time!

Plus… at one point, a very sweaty & disheveled Meagan looked like she was awaiting the Mothership… so, there’s that.

Photo Credit: Leo Poroshin

But it truly was a groovy night. We love being at The Avenue Cafe!

We started our night with food from Nomad Kitchen (an amazing choice, by the way) & drinks from The Avenue Cafe’s bar, & then we got to be witnesses to Cult of Reason’s first public show ever! Wow! Then we enjoyed the music of squid (squid & odds fish; makes sense) before taking to the stage ourselves.

We played a full set, that included several epic originals, our cover of “Rebel Yell,” (which had the audience singing & fist pumping with Meagan & falling in love with Nick), & a BRAND NEW ORIGINAL SONG: “Walls.” So it was really fun!

Photo Credit: Meagan Earls

After us, it was War Radio, on tour from Indiana, & they were AWESOME!!! Meagan was dancing almost the entire time that they played (of course) & all of us truly dug the

Photo Credit: Meagan Earls

grooves that this talented group put down for us all. (PLUS – they are super nice people too!!! And you KNOW we love when that happens!) We definitely plan on rocking some more stages with War Radio in the future! They rock!!! (On a side note: Meagan LOVES the way that the War Radio t-shirts feel too! “They are super soft & cozy, but still fitted. Perfect!” So… you may want to get one when you can. Throw in an odds fish! shirt while you’re at it, okay? :::wink!:::)

The night came to a close with a BANG with the dynamic & charming Sierra Denae, fresh off of playing The Common Ground Music Festival; & she OWNED! Both she & her backing band were great! There is obviously a lot of talent there.

So, as you can see, the whole weekend of July 9th & 10th, 2016 ROCKED for odds fish!

Photo Credit: Leo Poroshin

What’s next? Rookie of the Year! That’s what!

Photo taken from the Official Mac’s Bar Facebook Event Page for Rookie of the Year

July 26 – Mac’s Bar – Lansing, MI – Rookie of the Year / Valley Girl / Point Blank Society / Danger Scene / odds fish! / Sierra Denae

Rookie of the Year is on tour, & WE, odds fish!, get to be a small part of it! We feel so honored & grateful for the opportunity! Thanks to The Trep Agency for contacting us & getting us on this bill! It’s HOT!


Official Mac’s Bar Facebook Event Page for Rookie of the Year

Adv. Tickets Available!

Rookie of the Year on Facebook & Twitter

We cannot WAIT to play this exciting show with Rookie of the Year & friends! We hope to see lots of our “fishies” out there with us – rockin’ & supporting live music!

Photo Credit: Jessie Lillie Lemon

And of course, stay tuned to the odds fish! social media channels for more updates, show announcements, music news, & other fun odds fish! type stuffs…

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