The Rookie of the Year Show Was Not Just a Concert – it was an Experience

Rookie of the Year

One week ago, odds fish had an amazing time performing at Mac’s Bar in Lansing, Michigan with Rookie of the Year, Above Ground, & Sierra Denae. But it was definitely more than just a great night for us as a band; it was truly an experience.

The night actually started off a bit rough, if we’re being honest. There was an interesting mix up in communication & our load in time became our set time, so we had to be there much earlier than anticipated. But we made it work, & so it was really no big deal in the end. The REAL rough stuff had to do with some of the touring bands that were traveling with Rookie of the Year. One band had internal conflicts & pulled out of the show voluntarily, & the other band rolled their tour van on the way to Mac’s! Yikes!!! Luckily, everyone was okay, but they obviously could not be at the show. So… we only had 4 acts. But it worked out alright in the end.

odds fish! started things off, & we had an amazing time! People were very actively engaged with us, & we were engaged with them as well. We were followed by the always fantastic local act, Sierra Denae (& her band). Then touring band, Above Ground (who we got a chance to hang out with a bit too & are AWESOME!) took to the stage & wowed everyone with their rockin’ tunes, great sound, & charismatic & energetic performance. Finally Ryan (Rookie of the Year) took to the stage & invited us all to sit near him for an

Rookie of the Year

intimate & engaging musical experience that was unlike any other show we’ve ever attended in Lansing. He put on a truly moving & artistic display & it was magical.

After the show, everyone involved was super appreciative of one another, & it was nice to see that kind of support between bands & staff. The tour manager was incredibly complimentary & kind & it really struck us how genuine Ryan was too; he took time to talk with fans, give out hugs, & make real connections with the people there (including the members of odds fish!) which was refreshing to see in a musician who has achieved a good amount of success, as he has. All in all, it was a fantastic experience! We would love to work with EVERYONE involved again!

Thanks again to Mac’s Bar, The Trep Agency, Ryan (Rookie of the Year), Above Ground, Sierra Denae, Fusion Shows, & everyone else who was involved. We are grateful to have been a part of such a fine display of music, art, & humanity.

But we can’t just fondly remember the past, we must keep pushing forward! So with that in mind, here’s what’s up next for odds fish!


AUG 11 – The Avenue Cafe – Lansing, MI

AUG 19 – Rock the Mic! – The Loft – Lansing, MI – ADVANCED TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW!

AUG 21 – w/ Trapdoor Social (on tour from LA) – The Avenue Cafe – Lansing, MI

AUG 26 – The Madhouse Show – Ypsilanti

SEPT 24 – CHARITY SHOW – The Avenue Cafe – Lansing, MI



For more on the shows listed above & for updates to our schedule, you can head to:

odds fish! Shows / Parties / Events Schedule

And of course…

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