The Best Wines to Pair with Odds Fish!

Music & wine undoubtedly go quite well together. Well, at least that is the opinion of odds fish! (especially lead singer, Meagan). It is also the opinion of our Twitter buddy Wine Splash (@winesplashing) who actually published a great article on pairing wines with different genres of music. (You can read that here: The Harmony of Wine & Music)

We actually believe that wine & music go so well together, that when Wine Splash suggested that we pair our songs with some wines after we praised their article, we HAD to jump on the opportunity. So Meagan, being the biggest wino of the bunch & a professional writer, took some time to compile this list of the best wines to pair with the music of odds fish! We hope you enjoy!

Photo Credit: Leo Poroshin

The Best Wines to Pair with the Music of Odds Fish!

Wine & music just make sense when consumed together, so it only makes sense to have a little wine with your odds fish! Here are OUR suggestions for wines to enjoy while taking in the musical sounds of Lansing based rock n’ roll band, odds fish!


Our Time

Listen here: “Our Time” by odds fish!

“Our Time” is by far our most popular song thus far. It is a rock song, but it is also a pop song, a power pop jam, & a dance anthem to inspire the masses. So the best wines to drink while enjoying “Our Time,” in our opinion, would be semi-sweet to sweet, fruity, friendly white wines that make you want to dance, taste refreshing & go down smooth, & are easy for lots of people to enjoy, even if they are not the biggest fans of wine (which is crazy to us, but to each their own…). With all of that in mind, here are five suggestions:

Chateau St. Michelle Riesling

Willi Schaefer Mosel Graacher Domprobst Riesling #10

Olympic Cellars Working Girl White

Schmitt Sohne Piesporter Michelsberg Riesling

Chateau Chantal Beguile


Nobody Wins

Listen here: “Nobody Wins” by odds fish!

“Nobody Wins” is a down tempo & rather deep & heavy number that touches on the many gray areas in life, as well as the limitations we put on ourselves & our successes. The dark feelings & sadness it can stir within people are best tempered by a delicious, dark red, dessert wine (preferably one with a very high alcohol content that goes down easy too!) Here are five dark & delicious suggestions (some are heavier & sweeter than others):

Cupcake California Red Velvet Blend

TIE: Naughty Red & Nice Red from Chateau Chantal (The duality pairs nicely with the song)

Burgdorf Red Raspberry Wine

Matusalem Oloroso Dulce VORS

Catherman’s Port by St. Julian


The Shaving

Listen here: “The Shaving” by odds fish!

“The Shaving” is a deep & inspirational song, but it is also very fun, uplifting, &, when played live, gets very interactive with the audience. So we thought: Chardonnay. Now, we know that Wine Splash paired Chardonnay with country music, but a lot of the reasoning for that was based on the fun, energetic feeling of modern country – “The Shaving” definitely has a fun & energetic feel to it. Wine Splash also said that Chardonnay can brighten things up for everyone! “We all have “Friends in Low Places” but hand them a glass of Chardonnay and you will see the sun shine!” – Wine Splash: “The Harmony of Wine & Music” What better wine to pair with “The Shaving,” which includes the lyrics “we all need a light to guide us through the night,” than the light bringer itself? Chardonnay, baby! Here are five, fabulous, life-brightening suggestions:

Chateau St. Michelle Columbia Valley Chardonnay

Kendall-Jackson Vintner’s Reserve Chardonnay

Barefoot Cellars California Chardonnay

Arrogant Frog Chardonnay Ribet White

La Crema Sonoma Coast Chardonnay

Photo Credit: Christopher Hillary

Cactus Men

Listen here: “Cactus Men” by odds fish!

“Cactus Men” is our progressive rock epic that plays by it’s own rules, so we decided that the best wines to pair with it would be hearty, spicy, or simply, truly unique wines; wines that played by their own rules as well. If they happened to have an Old West feel to them too… even better, as “Cactus Men” itself has a bit of a rugged, Wild West, cowboy feel to it. It is unique, & the wines paired with it need to be unique as well. So, here are our five unique suggestions:

Head Games by St. Julian

Vinos de los Meurtos Rojo Dulce

TIE: Cowgirl Sisterhood Red & Purple Cowboy Tenacious Red Blend

Casa Lapostolle Carmenere

Tall Dark Stranger Malbec


We hope that you enjoyed our music & our wine pairings. If you did, feel free to let us know in the comments section below &/or by sharing this post with your friends, family members, & followers (if you’re not too wasted to do so…)

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Wine Splash for inspiring this post & a BIG THANK YOU goes to all of YOU as well, for reading it & listening to some of our songs. We appreciate it more than you know! Rock on!

And now, while you partake of your music & wine…

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Wine Splash on Twitter: @winesplashing

odds fish! on Twitter: @oddsfishmusic

Meagan Earls on Twitter: @ponchomeg

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    1. Thank you, Wine Splash! We appreciate the support! Also, thank you for inspiring this whole post! It was a joy to put together, & it brought a lot more people to our blog & our music. Rock on!


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