Exciting Stuff is Happening for Odds Fish!

A lot of exciting stuff has been happening for Odds Fish lately, & we are so excited to tell you all about it! “What’s so exciting?” You may ask. Here’s the quick rundown:

Photo from Neue Regel Radio’s Facebook Page
  1. We finally have a YouTube account!
  2. We finally have a website!
  3. Our blog readership is growing!
  4. We got some big name followers on Twitter!
  5. We were played on Neue Regel Radio!

Pretty exciting, right?

To learn more about each of these exciting happenings & to see what we’re up to next, read on…

While you read, perhaps you would enjoy some music… (:::wink!:::)

Reading Music (hehehe)

Odds Fish! Photo Credit: Leo Poroshin

1. Odds Fish Has a YouTube Channel:

Yes, we have a YouTube channel everyone! There isn’t much content yet, but there will be…

Odds Fish VIDEOS on YouTube

2. Odds Fish has a Website!

Thanks to our lead composer/guitarist Will & BandZoogle, we now have an


which is pretty awesome & really rocks for us!

If you happen to stop by, we hope you enjoy listening to our tunes, watching videos, reading blog posts, checking out tour dates, looking at photos, & catching up with us on social media… because you can do all that & MORE on our website! Good job, Will.

12046570_1631332160483392_4299478237053258586_n (1)

3. The Blog Readership for Odds Fish is WAY Up!

Maybe it is because we are kickass… or maybe it’s just because we posted about wine… but either way, our blog has seen a definite boost in readership. Views are the highest they’ve ever been & our blog’s email subscribers list grew too – from 431 subscribers to 681 subscribers in a matter of days. Wow!

We are very lucky to be doing so well, & we are beyond grateful to all of you who are here reading this right now… You ROCK! We couldn’t do what we do without you!


4. We’ve Got the Hottest New Followers on Twitter!

In the past few weeks, Odds Fish has been lucky enough to get some very big name followers on our Twitter account. Just a few of these amazing Odds Fish followers include:

Gin Blossoms



Jonathan Cain (of Journey fame)

Susan Bennett (The Voice of Siri)


Thank you to everyone who is helping us to grow our presence on Twitter!



5. Odds Fish Made Our Internet Radio Debut on Neue Regel Radio with “The Shaving!”

Photo from DJ Kyelzbub’s Facebook Page

Internet radio can be awesome. Example: Neue Regel Radio

Neue Regel Radio plays all sorts of incredible music; most notably: they play a lot of awesome, unsigned, indie artists/bands from around the world! And Odds Fish is now one of those bands.

We made our Neue Regel Radio DEBUT on DJ Kyelzbub’s radio show “Northwest Xposure” on Thursday, August 4, 2016 & it was AWESOME! Not only did they play our song “The Shaving,” but they talked about our band, praised our music, & also had Saginaw, Michigan based band The Mongrels on the show too! How cool is that?!?

We are so grateful to DJ Kyelzbub for seeking us out & to Neue Regel Radio for letting him play our stuff! THANK YOU!!! We are also grateful for all of the other great musicians out there! Keep rockin’ bands of the world… keep rockin’!

You can listen to Neue Regel Radio HERE & you can tune in to “Northwest Xposure” with DJ Kyelzbub every Thursday night.

Photo from Neue Regel Radio’s Facebook Page

What’s Next for Odds Fish?

We are working on new music, doing a lot of blogging, networking, & booking, & we have a few cool shows coming up too…



AND MORE!!! So be sure to check the Website, Our Blog Events Calendar, Facebook, or Reverbnation pages for updates on concerts & events!


And as always…



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