Odds Fish Has Been Busy…

Odds Fish has been Busy with Shows and with Being Sick!

Odds Fish! at The Loft PHOTO CREDIT: Lindsay Tarrant

It has been a great month for Odds Fish in terms of shows – we have played some very cool, very interesting, & very fun shows this month… but it has also been a rough month for Odds Fish, as at most of those shows, 1/2 of the band was sick! Yikes! Meagan and Will were both under the weather for almost every show that Odds Fish played recently. But, “the show must go on,” right? So, they powered through, & ended up giving some amazing performances.

The slew of sick performances began at The Avenue Cafe in Lansing, Michigan on August 11. Odds Fish got to be a part of an awesome show with touring band The Apollo Affair, locals Mr Denton on Doomsday, & Jackson-based Conspicuous Bystanders. It was an awesome night of music, & both Meagan & Will soaked their sweat towels, drank gallons of water, & almost passed out on stage. (Key word: almost.)

Nick rockin’ it at The Loft! PHOTO CREDIT: Lindsay Tarrant

Odds Fish had such a great time still! It was an honor & a joy, sharing the night with so many great musicians! Next time we all play together (which we hope is someday, & someday SOON!), hopefully we will ALL be in good health!

The next sick performance was on August 19, at The Loft in Lansing, for “Rock the Mic” (hosted by Grow the Scene – GTS). Will was starting to mend, but Meagan was still pretty darn sick… still, we had a lot of fun, put on, what we feel, was a solid show, & made a few new friends & fans. So… success! Plus, we got to see our buddies Conspicuous Bystanders rock it out again, so that was awesome!

We followed that show up pretty quickly with another fantastic show at The Avenue Cafe on August 21. By that show, Will was finally all good (maybe a little weak, post-sickness & all…) & Meagan was doing much better too (though her speaking voice would have had you believing otherwise), so we were all able to have a little bit more fun.

We got to play with Trapdoor Social from L.A. (They are AWESOME! So nice too!) as well as TWO Grand Rapids acts: Lipstick Jodi & Red Legs. It was truly a great night & we had a blast!

Finally, we had a show that wasn’t dominated by illness or its lingering after effects – but it was still an interesting time… we had the cops called on us, after all!

Let me explain: Odds Fish played in a back lot in Ypsilanti, Michigan outside of an amazing, eccentric, artistic, & inspired new venue called The Madhouse with Myron James, Dharma for One, Luxury Flux, & Chirp. Apparently, we all rock too hard, because the cops came. Twice. (To be fair, there are some kinks to be worked out in the performance space, but we just like to think it’s because the rock was just too strong for the nearby neighbors to handle.)

And that brings us to where we are now. Taking a little break!

Well… not entirely…

We are going to be working on some new tunes & other things behind the scenes for a few weeks. And then we’ll be back, with an amazing charity event at our musical home, The Avenue Cafe.

Speaking of…



Following that fun, we will hopefully be playing some shows in October, November, & December (& may even be working on the full album…) so stay tuned!

And as always…12046570_1631332160483392_4299478237053258586_n (1)


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