Being Odds Fish Kinda Rocks!

Being in a band is an incredible thing! We are so thankful to be Odds Fish!

Odds Fish at The Loft in Lansing, MI PHOTO CREDIT: John Monroe

Odds Fish is very grateful for all that we have gotten to do so far…

Just recently, on October 3rd, to be precise, Odds Fish celebrated one full year of shows together. Our very first show was a house party on October 3rd, 2015, and back then, we had no idea how much was in store for us in just one year (good and bad and all that’s in between…) But, as a band, we have had a lot of fun this past year, learned a lot, and are ready to keep pushing for even more success and adventure in the future. We believe in music, we believe in rock n’ roll, and we believe in Odds Fish!

So, on that very inspirational note, let’s talk about some recent, fun shows we did since our last blog post (as well as other happenings), and take a look at what’s to come in the near future for Odds Fish.


Odds Fish at The Avenue Cafe in Lansing, MI for a charity event for Helping Women Period. PHOTO CREDIT: Leo Poroshin

Shortly before our one year anniversary of performing together in October, on September 24th, 2016, we played a fantastic and fun charity event at The Avenue Cafe called “Grrrls Just Wanna Have Fun,” which benefited local charity Helping Women Period. We had a blast! Not only were there so many other amazing musicians there, like Mr. Denton on Doomsday, Luxury Flux, The Free Bleeders, Scary Women (and special guest, Cattie Jensen), etc., but there were also incredibly moving speakers, a pop-up record shop, a silent auction, and MORE!!! Odds Fish was beyond honored to play and be a part of this important event. (If you want to see a bit of that performance, here is VIDEO OF ODDS FISH AT THE GRRRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN CHARITY EVENT)

Luxury Flux
Scary Women w/ Cattie Jensen






The most fantastic thing about this event is, of course, the impact that we had on the community and the funds and products we collected for Helping Women Period.

We helped raise over $1,500 and collected 783 liners,
roughly 3,200 tampons, and almost 300 pads! Awesome!


Three days after our one year performance anniversary, we got to be a part of a hard rockin’ show at The Loft in Lansing, MI in support of our new friends, Sinhaven. They truly put on one heck of a show! Also bringin’ it that night were Arson Party, Dyno Gee, Blazing Autumn, and of course, Odds Fish! It was a really fun time, and we got to know a whole bunch of new, cool people (which is always good!) Thanks again go out to Sinhaven for inviting Odds Fish to be a part of such a great time!

Odds Fish at The Loft in Lansing, MI for the Sinhaven Show. PHOTO CREDIT: John Monroe


Our most recent show was also quite a FUN show for us! We were the headlining band for the Halloween Art-Fix at The Avenue Cafe in Lansing, MI on October 22, 2016. We LOVED it! Not only were there so many people in costumes (including us), but there was also body painting, dancing, DJs, and even jewelry and wands for sale! (Meagan got a beautiful piece of jewelry from The Enchanted Jewelry table.) Plus, we got to share the night with our buddies in Conspicuous Bystanders, so it was definitely a great time!


Well, we have been working on new music, we have been making plans for the full length release we want to do in 2017, and on the occasional Thursday nights, we can be heard on New Regel Radio on DJ Kyelzbub’s radio show. Plus, you know, we’ve been working those “real world” jobs, doing charity work, working on other various passions (writing, gardening, etc.), and trying to have those things called “lives.” And we’ve been having a great time.

Odds Fish at The Loft in Lansing, MI PHOTO CREDIT: John Monroe

We do truly appreciate all that we get to do. We know that not everyone who loves making music gets to do it, even on the small scale, and we are very honored and grateful to be able to do this at all. Thank you to everyone who helps make our dreams possible.

There’s still lots more to come…

To see what’s ahead for Odds Fish, check out our Performance Schedule HERE.

And as always…

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