We Like Shows… We Like Shows a Lot…

Yes… it’s True. Odds Fish Likes a Good Ol’ Rock n’ Roll Show! Don’t You?

PHOTO CREDIT: Lindsay Tarrant

Odds Fish loves to rock. We also love connecting with audiences, listening to other bands, having a few drinks, and having a good time. (Meagan is also very into dancing.)

PHOTO CREDIT: Leo Poroshin

So playing live shows means a lot to us. Live shows have these things that we love. They give us an opportunity to rock; they help us connect with audiences (hopefully!); they allow us an opportunity to check out new bands and become fans, as well as support bands that we already admire and/or are friends with; they usually come with at least a few drink tickets or maybe a free shot or two… or a pitcher of beer…; and live shows are (almost always) a good time. (Plus, Meagan can dance, on stage and off…) So yeah… we like shows. We like shows a lot.

We have played a few more shows since the last time we checked in here on the blog too. AND, we have more to come! We try to stay busy in Odds Fish, after all.

If you ever feel like you are out of the loop on past or current Odds Fish shows by the way, all of that information can be found HERE, along with pictures, links to videos, and more!

That being said… if you want the real dish on our shows, you’ll have to stay up to date on the blog as well. Because this is where we go in depth and truly talk to you all about our experiences – in practice, in the studio, on the road, etc.; and yes, at shows too.

PHOTO CREDIT: Leo Poroshin

Speaking of shows… :::wink!:::

We just had two very fun shows recently. First we rocked Hamtramck, Michigan, then we showed our hometown of Lansing, Michigan what “Thanksgiving Eve” can really be all about! (Having a good time, being grateful, having some drinks, taking part in great conversations, forgetting about the worries of the world for awhile, and enjoying some rock n’ roll, of course!)

But… that is what a lot of nights are about for Odds Fish…

Still, “Thanksgiving Eve” was very special to us anyway, as was our very first trip to Hamtramck, Michigan for a show earlier in November.

Let’s talk a bit more about these exciting shows, shall we?

Bad Idols / Odds Fish / Luxury Flux / Free Bleeders / Scary Women

New Dodge Lounge – Hamtramck, Michigan / November 17, 2016

PHOTO CREDIT: Lindsay Tarrant

The Hamtramck gig came first for us, out of these two very exciting shows we played recently. It took place on November 17, 2016 at the New Dodge Lounge in Hamtramck, logoMichigan, and included us, Bad Idols, Luxury Flux, Free Bleeders, and Scary Women.  Odds Fish had a great time. We met some wonderful new people, enjoyed the other bands, made some new fans, and had fun playing, as usual. We absolutely dug the New Dodge Lounge, as it is definitely a cool venue, and it is filled with cool people. We really enjoyed working with the sound guy, who was quite humorous and entertaining, as well as easy to communicate with and very appreciative of us as well. He rocked! We also really liked the bartender, who was a cool cat and made great drinks. And we, for sure, would love to play there again because of them, the rest of the staff, the cool, rock n’ roll atmosphere, and the responsive crowd.

HUGE THANKS go out to Luxury Flux for hooking us up with this show. We had a good time; it got us out of town, to a new place, and it gave us a chance to support other bands and their music as well. So thank you, Luxury Flux. And rock on!

Hut Two Hike / Odds Fish / Mr Denton on Doomsday / Tyrant

Mac’s Bar – Lansing, Michigan / November 23, 2016

The last show we had was our “Thanksgiving Eve” show at Mac’s Bar in Lansing, Michigan, with Tyrant, Mr Denton on Doomsday, and Hut Two Hike. It was a great show and a great night for Odds Fish! We had so much fun! BIG THANKS go out to Mr Denton on

PHOTO CREDIT: Leo Poroshin

Doomsday for making it possible for us to play the show at all and for always believing in us!

Like we said, we had lots of fun at the show, but we also benefited quite a bit as well, as we got a few new fans out of it, apparently made good impressions on stage and off, and even got praise and recognition beyond our wildest dreams from self-proclaimed “metal heads,” who were there for Tyrant, but who really dug Odds Fish and our music anyway, even if we are not quite metal… so we are grateful for such an amazing experience, such great music, and for such wonderful people. But enough of the mushy stuff… let’s actually talk a little bit about what actually happened on this rockin’ night!

The night started off with Hut Two Hike, who we had never seen live before, and they really impressed us! We dug their sound and their authenticity, as well as the fact that they were all also super nice people! So, to us, it was a great start to a great night with Hut Two Hike!

Hut Two Hike

Then, Odds Fish took the stage, and we played a very challenging, yet rewarding, set; one that kicked off with a brand new song called “Unofficial Channels.” It felt great to rock so hard on a song its first time out of the gate, and, as it was received very well, we were doubly pleased.

PHOTO CREDIT: Lindsay Tarrant

In addition to playing our challenging and rewarding set, complete with a brand new song, and ending with a very energized performance of one of our favorite closing songs,”Cactus Men,” (a song that, on that night, someone described as “one of the best songs I’ve ever heard…”) we were encouraged to play an encore as well, which always feels great! So we played “Cacti Repri” and really put our hearts into it, connecting with the people at Mac’s that night in a whole new way.

It was wonderful, and it really, truly, ROCKED!!!

After Odds Fish, it was time for fun with Mr Denton on Doomsday, who not only put us on the show with them (which we are super grateful for), but also put ON a fantastic show themselves! We love Mr Denton on Doomsday anyway, just because they are nice people and they are very supportive of us, but even if that were not the case, we would still love them… because they rock our socks! They also have quite a presence on stage, they speak out about a lot of important issues, and they are truly rock and roll! So cool…

Mr Denton on Doomsday

Finally, it was time for Tyrant. Though they are quite different in sound from us, we still very much enjoyed closing out the night of music and merriment with them in a heavy, headbangin’ kind of way. They were nice humans too, which is always a good thing to discover in other bands. And the hair? Come on, you know that hair is incredible. It was even more fantastic in person, if you can believe it.


So all in all, it was a great night for Odds Fish, and we look forward to being back at Mac’s Bar soon! (Very soon, actually… check the performance schedule!)

So… yeah… we like shows…

If you like shows too, feel free to come and rock out with Odds Fish anytime! We appreciate your presence more than you know, and we love helping to provide good times.

So come to a show! Rock on! And as always…

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