Odds Fish – Rockin’ the Lansing Music Scene

Odds Fish is Starting to Soar in Lansing, Michigan

Odds Fish has been very lucky in Lansing. We are getting pretty decent crowds at shows, we are connecting with new fans daily, we are booking at all of the best music venues in town, and recently, we were even selected out of hundreds of submissions to be a part of Q106’s Homegrown Throwdown, an awesome contest for Lansing area bands! So, we are feeling the Lansing love! And it feels great.

We can’t tell you how much we appreciate all of the support. There are no words. But we do hope that you can feel it in the music at every show.

PHOTO CREDIT: Johnny Aimcrier

Speaking of shows, our last show at The Avenue Cafe in Lansing was bangin’. We had a great time with The Aimcriers, E.Z. Duhzit and the Soul Jar, The Stick Arounds, and Swamp Hawk, and with all of the great fans who were out there that night as well. Thanks for being so cool, y’all.

Our next few shows are also Lansing shows – we will be hitting the stage at Mac’s Bar on Thursday, December 15, 2016 with Shapes and Colors, Stories Untold, The07-og Major Minor, and Earth and Sea for a rockin’ good time, and then on December 30, we will be giving a big middle finger to 2016 with Mr Denton on Doomsday and Hut Two Hike at The Loft for Mr Denton on Doomsday’s “F-2016 Show.” We’re excited, to say the least. It is going to be a great way to end out 2016; in gratitude…

Because, we ARE so very lucky. We get to play music. For people. Plus, these shows all have great venues hosting, great regulars who are sure to attend, and some truly great bands playing.


And speaking of great bands (good segue, right?) 2017 sees Odds Fish competing against some of the finest Lansing area bands around in Q106’s Homegrown Throwdown!


In the Homegrown Throwdown contest, bands compete (through ticket sales, performance, and audience/judge reactions) for cash prizes, recording and performance opportunities, and more over a series of nights. OUR first night includes us (obviously), No Stars, Scary Women, Sinhaven, Mirrurs, and The Century Soundtrack. If we make it through, we advance to the next round and are that much closer to receiving prizes and opportunities. But with so many great bands on the bill, it is going to be a tough competition…


which also means it is going to be a kickass show! This is definitely one of those “don’t miss it!” shows! So… don’t miss it!

For more information on the Q106 Homegrown Throwdown, and all of our other shows, (past, present, and future), bookmark our Shows/Parties/Events Schedule

And of course, keep checking back for more Odds Fish updates, right here on the Odds Fish blog. And, while you’re waiting for those updates…

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