Odds Fish Will Be Competing in the 2017 Q106 Homegrown Throwdown FINALS!


Odds Fish is set to play in the Homegrown Throwdown Finals – thanks to the efforts of our amazing fans!

That’s right, friends! Odds Fish made it into the 2017 Q106 Homegrown Throwdown FINALS, and it’s all thanks to you, the fans, for making it happen!

After Round 4 of the Homegrown Throwdown, Odds Fish was a part of a poll to determine which bands would continue on into the Finals as a wildcard choice. (As we placed 2nd on our night, and only 1st was guaranteed a finals slot, we had to rock the vote in the poll!) The fans delivered and Odds Fish won out!

Awesome! We can’t say how absolutely honored we are!

We could not have done it without you all! So THANK YOU!!!


But of course… the battle still isn’t quite over yet… because now, we have to pack that place for the FINALS!!! Just as in the other rounds, the bands’ scores will be made up of 3 things:

33.3% of the score comes from ticket sales

33.3% of the score comes from the judges comments/critiques

33.3% of the score comes from audience response and votes

So, having people out there to support us is a really big deal!


If you would like to come to the 2017 Q106 Homegrown Throwdown Finals to support and vote for Odds Fish (as well as having a great time and having your socks rocked!), here is some important information for you:

WHAT: 2017 Q106 Homegrown Throwdown FINALS

WHEN: Friday, February 17, 2017 DOORS – 6:30 PM

WHERE: The Loft – Lansing

The Loft

414 E. Michigan Ave
Lansing, MI 48933
(517) 913-0103

WHY: To support Odds Fish, and other local bands and music supporters!

TICKETS: Tickets are available through our band members. They are also available online:


$10 adv. / $12 dos.

MORE DETAILS: This is an ALL AGES show, however, have I.D. if you want to drink!

The other bands competing, in addition to Odds Fish, include: Sinhaven, Handsome Pete, LOA, Assume Nothing, and the other wildcard vote, Seven Souls Back. We have all been assigned Rolling Stones covers to include in our sets, and of course will all be playing original music as well, so it should be a fun night all around.

But don’t forget to pick up a ballot when you come in and vote for Odds Fish!!!

Odds Fish during Round 3 of the Q106 Homegrown Throwdown. PHOTO: Scott V Photography

Hopefully we will see lots of you out there, rockin’ with us, at the Finals on February 17th! As we already mentioned, if you need tickets, contact a band member or buy them online. (But be sure to buy them through the Odds Fish option if you purchase online.)

And, as always…

12046570_1631332160483392_4299478237053258586_n (1)


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