A Lot of Catching Up to Do, and a Few Shameless Plugs Too!

Wow! It’s been awhile since we’ve touched base here on the blog! Sorry for the delay. But we are continually working to make Odds Fish rock even more every day! We’ve been booking shows, preparing ourselves to do some recording, promoting the band, working on old tunes and new music, and creating magical displays for our merch. But we’ve also been busy too. Between our “real world” jobs, family, travel, car problems, health issues, and more, we have been beat!! But, even so, we still managed to get out to some shows and support other talents too! Just a few include: Conspicuous Bystanders, Luxury Flux (for their CD release show!), comedy shows, theatrical performances, and even a ballet (“Swan Lake”). Plus, we DID play a few shows.


We played in the 2017 Q106 Homegrown Throwdown Finals, which was awesome. We didn’t win, but we gained lots of new fans, made some money, made some important networking connections, and got some AMAZING pictures from Scott V Photography, so… actually, we DID win. The actual official winners of the night were LOA, and they are such a great group of humans that one can’t help but be ecstatic for them, so it’s all good.

We also played a great show with Fade to Black and The Arrangement at The Avenue Cafe on March 30, and then we had another great show at The Ave with Commodore Cosmos, The War Balloons, and our good friends, The Patient Zeros on April 27.

So things have been going well…

But we don’t like keeping you all out of the loop on all of the happenings happening for Odds Fish, and so that is why we are back here, now, to do a little catching up, as it were.


But now that we are pretty much caught up, it’s time for a little shameless plugging.

Ha Ha Ha!!!

The truth is, the plugging IS a bit of a necessity for us. In this digital age, numbers and engagement on social media can help make or break talented people on the internet, and in real life! Producers, agents, bookers, labels, etc. all look to a creatives’ social media to gain insight into whether they are a worthwhile investment or not, and if the numbers and engagement are pitiful, it often does not matter how good the art itself is! Basically, we could have the hottest jams in the world, but if no one is listening, sharing, commenting, connecting, etc. then we will go “undiscovered.” But if we can show that we have the numbers, we have the engagement, we have the support, and we have the fanbase, then the sky is the limit!

So… with THAT being said, let the plugging begin!


Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook: Odds Fish on Facebook

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“Bookmark” our Website: oddsfishband.com


Look, Listen, Read, Like, Comment, and Share!!!

And thank you for all of your help so far! Odds Fish would be NOTHING without our beloved fans! The fans are EVERYTHING! THANK YOU for supporting Odds Fish!

Now, we are off to play another gig, rock some more faces, flesh out a few more songs, and prepare for our future! We are in it to win it, and we hope you all are too!

Until next time… ROCK ON! Oh, and…

12046570_1631332160483392_4299478237053258586_n (1)


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