Odds Fish is Rockin’ the Stage AND the Studio!

The members of Odds Fish LOVE to play live shows, and we have been rockin’ some stages at some live shows recently. But Odds Fish is also on a mission: To take all of our songs that we have perfected live, and record an Odds Fish album! So far, it has been going well… and, it’s been a rockin’ good time too!

Odds Fish has been balancing stage life and studio life for a little over a month now, and we have been pretty successful at it. We’ve played a few shows locally, the most recent being a Mac’s Bar gig with Moment 44, Conspicuous Bystanders, and Frances Bennigan.

Moment44OddsFishCBFrannieJune28MacsBar - Edited
Back Row: Jake Spoerl (Moment 44), Jenna Roark (Conspicuous Bystanders), Sarah Spoerl and Sam Spoerl (Moment 44) / Front Row: Will McCullough and Meagan Earls (Odds Fish), Frances Bennigan (Frances Bennigan), Emmet McGuire (Conspicuous Bystanders), Nick Kressler and Tony Rodebaugh (Odds Fish) / From our show @ Mac’s Bar in Lansing, MI / June 28, 2017 / Photo Provided by:  The Moment 44 Tour Team

We’ve also gone to shows in the area to support friends of ours, other musicians we admire, and the scene itself. (Including shows featuring Krissy Booth, The War Balloons, Alex Mendenall, Sinhaven, and MORE!)  But we’ve also been hard at work in the studio, and we’ve recorded the drum parts, the bass parts, and several guitar parts for our album already, even while playing shows, practicing for those shows, attending shows, and going to our “real world jobs” too! Whew!


The goal is a 10 song album that will be available as a CD, as well as by digital download and through streaming services, and possibly even as a record. It will include our 4 demo songs (re-recorded) and 6 other songs that have only been available to listeners live thus far. We hope to have a release date for early Fall, so we can take the new album on the road a bit before winter hits! So far, so good! We have gotten a lot done, and done well, so far, and with no shows set for July, we are going to have ample time to work even harder on this album all month long. Rockin’.

We ARE pretty lucky that Odds Fish drummer Tony also happens to run a recording studio out of his house; that’s where we have been working so diligently. Both he and guitarist Will also have education and experience in producing, recording, audio engineering, mixing, mastering, etc. so we are in good shape. The sounds that we have been able to attain so far are stellar, and we have such a good foundation from the drums, bass, and rhythm guitar lines, that it is going to be a joy to build upon what we’ve already achieved with the lead guitar lines, lead vocal lines, and all the harmonies that are still to come.

Wow! This is exciting stuff!

If you’re excited too, and want to keep up with our recording journey, keep checking back here on the blog, “Like” us on Facebook (where we have been sharing recording videos and pics FIRST!), “Follow” us on Twitter, and Bookmark oddsfishband.com

And of course, if you’re STILL not yet…

12046570_1631332160483392_4299478237053258586_n (1)


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