Meagan’s 11 Favorite Songs: FOO FIGHTERS


“Meagan’s 11 Favorite Songs” is a special series on the Odds Fish Blog, where Odds Fish lead singer Meagan Earls talks about some of her favorite songs from some of her favorite bands/artists.  (Why 11? Well, it is Meagan’s favorite number, and it also honors the amazing Spinal Tap.)

This installment of “Meagan’s 11 Favorite Songs” features a band that has been rockin’ for decades, and whose members are known, not only for being talented, but also for being nice people, most notably Dave Grohl, who is considered by many to be the nicest man in rock n’ roll. That’s right; for this installment of “Meagan’s 11 Favorite Songs” we are featuring the incredible rock band: Foo Fighters!

Meagan’s 11 Favorite Songs: Foo Fighters


I absolutely love the music of Foo Fighters… some of their songs have honestly gotten me through hard times; some just make me happy when I hear them; others make me nostalgic; others still just happen to impact me at certain times in my life in ways that I can’t even describe, and for all of them, I am grateful. Foo Fighters are an enjoyment of mine, but they also influenced me a lot in my youth, and helped to shape me as I grew up – they still influence me now! So obviously, picking only 11 songs was tough! Thus, as usual, we will include a few honorable mentions.


“No Way Back”

“Sunday Rain”

“Bridge Burning”



And now that we have looked at a few honorable mentions, it is time to see my 11 favorite Foo Fighters songs!


Meagan’s 11 Favorite Songs: Foo Fighters

These are my 11 favorite songs, listed from 11-1, from one of my favorite bands:

Foo Fighters

11. “Times Like These”

It is interesting to me how a song can rock so much and yet be so calm and soothing at the same time, but that is exactly the case with “Times Like These” for me.  I love that about this song, and I also just love the lyrical content, especially in the choruses.

10. “Exhausted”

I feel like this choice is almost more an “art piece” than a typical song, but perhaps that is why I love “Exhausted” so much; it is almost 6 minutes of grainy, gritty, scratchy, rock art… and that is awesome.

9. “All My Life”

Heavy riffs, rough vocals, screams, an epic breakdown, and a steady driving energy throughout the entire song keep this one in heavy rotation for me.

8. “Learn to Fly”

I know, I know… but this song will always have a special place in my heart. It’s a great little tune; maybe a bit too pop for some Foo fans, but I like pop music, so I’m honestly cool with it. (Plus, I love the music video to this day!)

7. “My Hero”

I am a big fan of “My Hero” for the vocals, lyrics, and overall feel, but what truly stands out for me on this track are the guitar tracks and drum tracks – it is all just so engaging. There is a reason why so many people love this song so much… it rocks!

6. “Overdrive”

“Overdrive” is like an old fashioned gem of a song in the body of a modern pop/rock song, which probably makes no sense to you, but it is how I feel. I get a “Judy in Disguise” vibe from it, but it is far too driving and grungy to simply be an imitation or rip off; it is still very much it’s own thing. I really love this one in the car with the windows down…

5. “The Sky is a Neighborhood”

I am actually surprised that such a recent Foo Fighters song is so high on my list of favorites, and I wrote the list! But I absolutely love “The Sky is a Neighborhood.” All the interweaving instrumental lines alone make it amazing, and then add in those vocals and that catchy, compelling chorus, and you just have such a great song on your hands. It also gets stuck in my head all the time, but I honestly don’t mind, so it had to be high on the list of favorite Foo Fighters songs.

4. “DOA”

This song is put together so well, and combines a lot of the great elements of what makes the Foo Fighters the Foo Fighters. I also love the combination in “DOA” of somewhat “dark lyrics” over a bright, happy sounding chorus: “It’s a shame we have to die my dear, no one’s getting out of here alive…” we hear in happy tones. Perfection.

3. “Best of You”

This song came out at a perfect time in my life, and became a bit of an anthem for me. It is so raw, and real, and that is so beautiful to me, even if the beauty is derived, at least at some level, from pain.  It will be one of my favorites, always. It does, at times, even bring me to tears. I love this song.

2. “Everlong”

“Everlong” is, in my mind, probably the best Foo Fighters song they’ve ever done, so though it isn’t my personal favorite, I love it and respect it enough to give it the #2 slot.

1. “The Pretender”

Finally, my personal favorite Foo Fighters song: “The Pretender.”

“Are you ready?”

This song is just so cool… and it is angry, and it is epic, and it is inspiring… and it is simply a stunningly well crafted rock song.  It is my favorite from the Foo Fighters and one of my favorite songs ever as well.

Well, there you have it! “Meagan’s 11 Favorite Songs: FOO FIGHTERS.”

Did I miss any of YOUR favorites? Let me know! Also, stay tuned for more of this, and our other blog series, on the Odds Fish Blog. And of course, if you’re not already…

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