Meagan’s 11 Favorite Songs: THE KILLERS


“Meagan’s 11 Favorite Songs” is a special series on the Odds Fish Blog, where Odds Fish lead singer Meagan Earls talks about some of her favorite songs from some of her favorite bands/artists.  (Why 11? Well, it is Meagan’s favorite number, and it also honors the amazing Spinal Tap.)

This installment of “Meagan’s 11 Favorite Songs” features the one, the only… The Killers.

Meagan’s 11 Favorite Songs: THE KILLERS


I am a pretty big fan of The Killers. From the very start of their career, they have had true vision, artistry, and passion behind all of their musical projects, and I can respect that quite a bit. I admire so much about what they do, and I am inspired by them to put even more of my very being into my music. (I also just love a lot of their songs, so doing this list was hard!)

Being that I admire and respect The Killers so much, it should come as no surprise that, once again, we have some honorable mentions…



“The Man”

“Smile Like You Mean It”

“When You Were Young”

And now, here we have “Meagan’s 11 Favorite Songs: THE KILLERS”


Meagan’s 11 Favorite Songs: THE KILLERS

11. “The Rising Tide”

This song starts experimentally and otherworldly and then becomes a pop rock jam of the future. I get a bit of a Styx feel sometimes with it (which may just be me) and I also feel like there is a bit of rebellion in the sound – like, it’s a pop song but yet, it isn’t. The soaring vocals that come in at the chorus are otherworldly in their own right, and for me, everything just comes together so well in this song. It had to make the list.

10. “Run for Cover”

This is definitely a song by The Killers.

I think part of why I like this song so much is because I feel like it possesses many of the elements of other songs of theirs I like so much, and in a very successful way.  Just listen for yourself to see what I mean…

9. “Deadlines and Commitments”

The sweet emotion expressed in the vocals alone would make this a favorite of mine, but there is more to it. The lyrics, the driving drum line, the small, subtle touches in the instrumental lines… they all come together to create a song that never fails to move me.

8. “Bones”

Edgy, yet sweet and fun, this song just hits so many of the right notes. Of course I like it – “it’s only natural…”

7. “On Top”

Like many fans of The Killers, “Hot Fuss” is my favorite album of theirs, so you’re about to see a lot more songs from that album on here, starting with this gem. “On Top” is just such a well crafted song. The vocals are cool, yet edgy, yet creepy, yet sexy… it’s so confusing. But that is all part of why I love The Killers anyway.

6. “Sam’s Town”

My favorite track from the album of the same name, “Sam’s Town,” is a rocker. I think there are some things that are slightly weird about it too, which draws me right in, being that I am a major weirdo myself. The drum part is not what one would typically expect throughout, the vocal melodies are what might be considered strange to the traditional “Western ear” at times, and an odd call out to ” I see London, I see France…,” most often known as a childhood taunt and not a musical phrase, is thrown in at the end with spectacular effect.

5. “Change Your Mind”

This song has a lot going for it – it has a driving groove, it is chill, yet somehow stylistically glamorous as well. But I think what really gives this song an edge for me is the vocals. Brandon Flowers’ lead vocals are some of his best; they are pure, strong, commanding, but not overbearing, and simply a joy to the ear. In addition to that, there are some beautifully constructed harmonies that sweep through the song like the wind, and I am a sucker for sick harmonies.

4. “Jenny Was a Friend of Mine”

This was not the first song I heard by The Killers, but it was the first song I heard when I put in the album “Hot Fuss” for the first time, and from the very start, I knew I was in for something great. I somehow knew in that moment that I would be a fan of The Killers for a very long time.  For that reason, this song holds a special place in my heart, and earns the #4 spot on this list.

3. “Midnight Show”

The driving rock energy behind this song cannot be denied. I love how each instrument shines throughout, with a focus on truly using both sound and silence to craft a musical composition that elicits a plethora of emotions within the listener. It is raw and wild, and a bit glamorous, and I just love it.

2. “Just Another Girl”

This is another song that I feel is just so well crafted that I have to love it. One big example of the expert craftsmanship: having the first chorus remain light and dreamy and waiting to do “the drop,” as it were. To me, that was a genius move on the part of The Killers. (Also, the video for this song is one of my favorite music videos to watch! I adore it so very much.)

1. “Mr. Brightside”

The song that started my love affair with The Killers…

Back when “Mr. Brightside” came out, in the early 2000’s, my favorite movie was “Moulin Rouge” (of course it was.) So when I saw the “Mr. Brightside” music video on VH1, I got very excited. It screamed “Moulin Rouge” to me, and I found I actually loved the song too, so I was sold. I bought “Hot Fuss” and became a full blown fan of The Killers. This song will always be the most dear song by The Killers for me for that reason, and also because I genuinely never tire of hearing it. I love it. So that’s it – my #1 favorite song by The Killers: “Mr. Brightside.”

Well, there you have it! “Meagan’s 11 Favorite Songs: THE KILLERS.”

Did I miss any of YOUR favorites? Let me know! Also, stay tuned for more of this, and our other blog series, on the Odds Fish Blog. And of course, if you’re not already…

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